Hi there,

About Philippe Maryssael

My full name is Philippe André Christian Louis Maryssael. I was born in Brussels, Belgium, on 15 March 1962.

I have a  master’s degree in translation and, eversince I left high school, I have been closely involved in translation, terminology, as well as computer-assisted translation and terminology tools.

About this website

This site is my personal place on the World Wide Web. Unlike the other websites that I maintain, this site is about me, what I do and what I like.

The other websites that I maintain include:

  1. http://www.maryssael.be/ – a family website for my two brothers and myself — exclusively in French
  2. http://www.maryssael.net/ – a wider family website in English, focussing on relatives around the world, with a family tree and picture galleries
  3. http://www.queenmania.be/ – my personal website devoted to my favourite rock band — Queen — as well as to other artists that I like and regularly listen to
  4. http://www.termx.be/ – a terminology exchange platform

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